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virtual server in switzerland

Ideally, a virtual server in switzerland mimics dedicated server functionalities. Rather than implement multiple dedicated servers, several virtual servers may be implemented on one server.

Each virtual server is designated a separate OS, software and independent reboot provisioning. In a virtual server environment for Web hosting, website administrators or Internet service providers (ISP) may have different domain names, IP addresses, email administration, file directories, logs and analytics. Additionally, security systems and passwords are maintained as if they were in a dedicated server environment. To reduce Web hosting costs, server software installation provisioning is often available.

An overflow of virtual servers in a physical machine may lead to resource hogging, and if a virtual server uses more resources than another, performance issues usually result. “Companies have used network servers for many years. In the olden days, servers were less powerful, so you’d tend to have a separate one for each function. You’d have one for your email, one for your customer database and so on.

“Since then, servers have become more powerful, to the point where using a server for a single function is very inefficient. Typically, a company might only be utilising around 15% of a server’s total capacity. There’s no other area of business where you’d leave 85% of a resource unused!

“Virtualisation allows you to take a single server and slice it into several virtual servers. Each virtual server can be used for a different function, so instead of having four servers each running at 15% capacity, you can have one running at 60%.”